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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

L I F E // 

So much has been going on lately. From weddings to childbirth (not me) to planning much needed vacations - life has been going, going, going. One of my best friends got married and the wedding was absolutely stunning. 

My nephew was born last week and he's frikin' adorable. I never knew being an Aunt was this much fun! 

First Vacay has been scheduled - Charleston, here we come! We're staying with one of our fav. couple friends in this super cute airbnb. The house is every yogi's dream. I absolutely cannot wait. 

With life being so busy, I need a week to slow my jets and kick up my feet. Every weekend for the past 2-3 months we've had some sort of event or plans. While we love our friends and family, I am looking forward to these upcoming weekends with nothing planned + posting more blog posts.
Stay tuned & in the mean time, enjoy this cute picture of Kiz  & Dax :)


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