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Monday, August 30, 2021

Hi guys! So, I saw this on a mom Facebook group and HAD to try it for myself. The transformation was incredible and definitely easier on the eyes. I’ve been asked to share a short tutorial or explanation to how this was done, so here goes:

First, I taped off the mop with painters tape. If you look under the mop, there is a screw and can be unscrewed instead of taping off, but mine would not screw off to save my life. So, I took a hairbow and tied the mop "strings" and then taped as close as possible. I then wrapped the rest of the mop head in kitchen wrap so that the white part would not get any spray paint on it. I used the blush spray paint for this piece. 

Next, I screwed off the base of the rack (it screws right off). I lightly sanded the red base, wiped it clean and then spray painted it. With the top of the base (where you hang the items) I just taped off any part that I did not want spray paint on and then sprayed it the same color as the base. 

For the dustpan, I used the white spray paint. 

For the duster, you will need to take a hair blow dryer on hot setting and get the duster hot so that the hot glue melts. Once you've melted the hot glue, the orange yarn will come off. Once you are left with just a stick, you will put hot glue on the stick and then just slide the new yarn over the stick. I was able to just slide it right on and then press firmly on the entire thing so that the glue adheres. 

For the hangers, I just replaced the colorful ones with the new suede ones I purchased off amazon. 

It really was a simple project! The hardest part was keeping my toddler from trying to play with everything while I was doing it, haha. 

Tag me @catvonle if you do this project! Especially if you choose other colors- I'd love to see!

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