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Monday, December 9, 2019

First of all, my baby is one- ahhh goes to cry in a corner (lol) but on a serious note, her party was everything I imagined it to be and more. I’ve had a lot of questions about decor, so here I am to answer those! I’ll also be including links. I unfortunately cannot link everything so I apologize for that. Some stores just don’t participate in affiliate linking. 

Some popular questions I’ve been getting: 

• what did you use as the back drop? 
These are just regular linen curtains (extra long) that I purchased for our bedroom months ago. I ran a string through them and then used command strips to hang them on the walll. 
• did you do all of the decorating yourself? 
Yes, I purchased all decor + used some things I already had + did A LOT of DIY + had the help of a good friend of mine the day of to get it all set up. 
• Where are your cakes from and what did you ask for?
Sawyer’s smash cake, main cake and cupcakes were all purchased from Lowe’s Neighborhood Market in Clemmons, NC. I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. I purchased the toppers and greenery myself. I showed them photos from Pinterest. This particular style of cake is called a “Naked cake” and I asked for butter icing instead of that thick hard gross tasting icing- yuck. I will forever use them for my cakes after they provided us such a pleasant experience.. everything tasted and looked beautiful and just as I had pictured it. FYI I did not ask for low sugar or no sugar in the smash cake.  In my opinion, one day won’t hurt and she still slept like a champ that night.  
• how hard was the balloon arch? 
So much easier than I thought it would be. I purchased a hand held pump for $4 at Target and blew all of the balloons up the night before. I purchased a balloon arch kit off of amazon which came with everything else we needed. It came with a long strip with holes and you just put the ends of the balloons in the holes. I hung it on the wall with command strips. 
• where did you purchase all of the decor? 
Over the course of November, I went to Homegoods, Marshall’s, Michaels, At Home, Amazon and Hobby Lobby.  I picked up tree branches outside, painted them white and added glitter for the vase on the left side of the table, and then for her milestone photo display, I grabbed a thicker branch from outside and hung the photos from that with fishing wire. As far as her banners go, I just used my cricut machine to spell out her name and “one”.  The snowflake garlands are just cheap snow flake ornaments that I hung on string. 

We only invited about 20ish close friends and family. I wanted it to be small and sentimental. Her first birthday party definitely goes down as one of my most favorite days so far! 

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