Big Girl Bed

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

At four years old, we've finally decided to get our girl out of her crib toddler bed and into a REAL big girl bed. I'm the type that likes to put this kind of thing off as long as possible, because milestones just mean we are closing another chapter of the book and it's so bittersweet.

I've linked everything at the end of this post!
Except the comforter, which is just something we already had on hand. It is a queen size comforter which is why it looks so big. I figured it would make do until we find something else.
***Edit to add that I found the link to the comforter - shop it here

We are deciding to leave up her toddler/crib, because eventually the girls will share a room.
As for the Twin mattress, we chose the Newton. We went with this for her crib mattress and I really just fell in love with the concept of being able to wash every part of the mattress.
The twin mattress comes in 3 parts:

For the boxspring, we went with Mainstays 7" from Walmart. It was affordable and super east to assemble. 

Peep little sis enjoying the bed while Sawyer was at school:

the mattress comes with the 3 pieces and a cover, however it is not waterproof. Newton's waterproof cover is fairly expensive, so I went with this $10 one from target:

Adorable, simple sheets:

And a little reading pillow for extra coziness:

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