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Thursday, July 9, 2015 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

I was sitting at work, wanderlusting over these photos from our vaca to Cabo last year. I don't think I actually ever posted these, so I wanted to share. I mean SERIOUS #housegoals, y'all! 

Since I'm sharing these photos, I might as well share the story that follows. 

Our group took a taxi to another beach in Cabo for a change in scenery. We (Travis, Myke & I) were also offered to return to our resort by taxi, but declined the offer. What better way to experience Cabo then to walk the beach "30 min" back to our resort? Mistake number one. 

What was supposed to be a pleasant 30 min beach walk, turned into a 2 hour hike/rock climb that included jumping fences of million dollar homes & sweating something fierce. Though you cannot see the huge rock boulders (infested with crabs/other things) they were there. These rocks were blocking the beach path with 10+ feet waves crashing upon them, making it impossible to go around them. If you can't go around them you climb them, right? WRONG. Mistake number 2. Do not climb the huge rock boulders of Cabo with 10+ feet waves crashing upon them. Should you slip, you die. 
Well .. we climbed. 

Once to the top of our second boulder (the first one we climbed up, then down) we realized there was no way down- It was a drop. I'm already up here, there's no way I'm back tracking. My thought process was jagged, but I was in survival mode people. We jumped the fence of a home on top the boulder, and made it to the road - which might I add was even more dangerous then the ocean itself (if you've ever been to Mexico then you know that they drive like mad men). We then walked enough road, and made it back to the beach once we figured we were close enough.
We could see our resort! 
We walked the beach 30 min and made it to our resort where I tripped over rope that was squaring off the volley ball court. Who goes through all that and then trips over a rope?

Moral of the story: Take a Taxi.  

Note: you cannot see the waves or boulders from these photos. I eventually put my phone away and tried to prevent myself from actual death. #priorities

Los Cabos, Mexico 2014

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