Burlap Forever

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

So, our TV has been hanging in our bedroom for just about for ever with wires hanging from here to there. I finally got so OCD that I decided to make my own wire cover. Literally, 5 min. and my wires were covered. Now, this is temporary.. but it has seriously grown on me AND lets be honest, ANYTHING is better than ugly wires hanging down your walls.

I had some burlap in my craft room (from the Dollar Tree) and I decided to put it to good use. 
The string is also from the Dollar Tree and has come in handy for several other projects I've done. 
Take a look:

After all was said and done, I found something unique to go in that white vase I've had sitting empty for so long. It's crazy what your OCD mind can muster up.
#becreative & #thinkoutsideofthebox

Have a fab Tuesday!!


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