Baby Number Three

Saturday, May 27, 2023

 Here we go again, baby no. 3 is in route.

I feel like I just had this big ball of sass pictured above 😂 It really is wild how fast time is flying. We just celebrated Tatum turning 2, and I'm going on my 16th week of pregnancy now. So far, everything has gone pretty smooth sailing, by the grace of God. So excited to announce that we are finally getting our boy, and because we are dealing with an entire new gender than what I'm used to, I'm thinking about creating a registry for him using babylist. I've heard such great things about them and how organized and universal your registry can be with them!

First trimester went WAY better than I imagined it was going to- it went a lot like my first pregnancy. No extreme nausea or food aversions. I was pretty much just hungry 24/7 for any thing and everything and EXTREMELY tired. With this baby, like the other pregnancies, I did not like the taste of hot coffee, but I think that's slowly coming back now. I did have some terrible first trimester migraines, but so far in the second trimester, I've not experienced those. Crossing my fingers that they're gone for good. It doesn't feel too different being pregnant with a boy vs. the two girls. Sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant because he's been so good to me so far!! Tatum put me through the ringer, and still does to this day, lol.

We did the sneak peek gender test around 7/8 weeks and it was predicted a boy, but I didn't believe it until we got the NIPT results from the doctor which confirmed he is a BOY. I'm currently going through the mountain pile of baby girl clothes and trying to figure out what to do with it all. Talk about overwhelming. It's crazy how much accumulates over the years with two babies.

At 16 weeks, my belly is growing growing fast. I already look 20 + weeks pregnant 😳 but overall I'm feeling good and I'm grateful for that! Hopefully he is as chill as this pregnancy has been. I can't wait to see what he looks like at our anatomy scan in 4 weeks. I bet he's just as cute as his sisters are!! Despite Tatum's reactions in our pregnancy announcement (lol) she is excited (I think), and she is starting to grasp that there's a "baby brudder" coming. Sawyer keeps saying "he's taking a really long time." She can't wait to meet him, and neither can we!

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