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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A lot of people have been asking me how I make my green juices & smoothies. Here's the recipe with step by step photos. SoOooo good!! Whether you're doing a detox or just lookin' for that extra boost after a work out, this recipe is amaze.

Cut up your veggies & fruits. Peel ginger root with a spoon and cut into tiny pieces. If you don't like ginger, you should really learn to try. It has many health benefits, including it's infamous stomach ache cure. I'm completely addicted to ginger. 

Pictured above: 1/2 cucumber, handful spinach, chia seeds, cacao nibs,  sliced ginger, 1 banana, 1 apple, slice of lemon
Share some with the pups of course (their health is important too) c( :

Combine fruits in veggies in the blender
DO NOT put lemon slice in blender, squeeze in juice only.
I also use bottled lime juice.

Add your almond milk (I use unsweetened)
I also add cactus water for health benefits and electrolytes- it's apparently "the hangover cure" according to Cali Water's blog. I haven't had a hangover therefore, couldn't tell you if that's actually true, haha. Cactus water is also very good for your skin. I have before added coconut water to my smoothies for that extra hydration!!

Add your protein, always!! I have choc & vanilla, but I've been on my vanilla lately. I use Vega Sport, mostly because I usually only drink smoothies after a work out. LOVE Vega protein. 

Above is the brands that I use

Add handful of ice, you want your smoothie nice and cold with a nice texture.

AND ... blend.

I add unsweetened coconut shreds for extra YUM.

Finished product. 
I've researched storage of protein and fresh smoothies and I've learned that you can actually freeze your smoothies but ALWAYS in a glass container. I also wouldn't freeze longer than a week before consuming. If you are going to refrigerate your smoothies, drink within 2-3 hours. (protein will give it an ugly color and make you actually NOT want to drink it- so the sooner you drink after making, the better.) If you add lemon/lime, which I do both, it can actually help preserve. 

Here's a nice little brunch I made for myself yesterday morning. 
Sunny side up eggs over sauteed spinach.

I hope you enjoy your green smoothie as much as I do. If you want to make green juice you do all of the above minus almond milk and minus protein powder. Use filtered water instead or to add a nice refreshing twist, add a can of your favorite flavored Lacroix!! 



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