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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Currently needing a vacay from vacay!! We just got back from our annual family trip-- this year we visited Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Such a beautiful, relaxing beach and the weather was perfect the entire time. We had our own private pool, which was nice. I'm def. going to miss it!

I've posted this tank before but it's one of my fav's from @womenwholovewine + @shopwwlw
Also, @supergoop! was nice enough to send me some of their sunscreens before we left (their products feel and smell amazing)

We found this extremely cute coffee shop right around the corner from where we stayed -- 100% blogger heaven: Latte's, smoothies and acai bowls.
Couldn't miss a latte photo opp
It's called Drift Coffee & Kitchen and I believe they have other locations but only in NC (I think)

These are one of the Levi shorts that I made out of "Mom Jeans"
Yes, I wear these pretty much everyday - I just switch off from the other pair that I made recently and I keep getting Q's about them. Maybe I'll do a tutorial soon. I have a feeling whenever I switch out my summer clothes to fall, Ill come across some jeans that I don't really want as jeans anymore.
Shoes are Steve Madden & this cute cross body is @policyhandbags (based out of Charlotte, NC) You can shop their handbags here

Recently did a campaign for @shopsphynx
They make these tiny portable razors that you can literally take anywhere (even planes)
Really nice for whenever you're already at an event and realize you've missed a spot.
There's a spray option, a lotion option and then an extra razor. You just spin the spinner on the side.
Shop their razors here



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