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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Let me just start off by saying, Thank God for Fall! I love the way Fall makes me feel: my mood, the crisp air, the leaves changing, chunky knits. 

I want to share the joggers that I've literally been LIVING in. They are true to size, super comfortable and come in two colors, gray and Nokomis blue. They are currently 16.99 and linked here

This cardigan I bought YEARS ago. Like mentioned on my insta, it's my favorite purchase to date. I wear it out, around the house and pretty much anywhere. I found a similar one here and it comes in multiple colors -- the one I've linked is a little less chunky than mine, but totally cute and is 50% off right now. 

Mustard yellow is my fav Fall color this year!! I love that it came back full circle from the 80's!
Def going to be a repeat color in my wardrobe. 

You can find a similar sweater to the one above here -- bell sleeves and all!
(only 17.90 @ Forever21)

Love a gray chunky knit sweater. This one is so relaxed and I love how long the arms are. I've linked a similar one here (Not gray, but still really cute and comfy looking - currently 19.99 at H&M and comes in 2 colors)

Found these Gucci duplicate mules at Target for 22.99
Shop them here

Other Sweaters that I'm loving:

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