Cozy is the New Black

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cozy is the new black, so don't forget it on Black Friday!

I am SO glad that the fashion world is getting the "cozy" memo. Fur, fuzz, chunky knit, etc. is IN, and I couldn't be happier. I've never been the type to wear anything that makes me feel uncomfortable, no matter how cute it is. I've never been one to preach "beauty is pain". I feel like beauty is what you make it, whether others like it or not. 

I recently hit up Just Fab's sale on their scarfs, toboggans and socks. If you haven't made your way into the Just Fab family, I highly recommend it. Their sales are better than any other store or retailers. I've been with them since 2014, so I've been able to participate in my fair share of sales. I'm not just bragging on Just Fab because I'm a Brand Ambassador. I'm bragging on them because I've literally never ordered something from them and regretted it. The fact that you have to subscribe throws a lot of people in the opposite direction, but if you're saving money on good quality clothes, bags and shoes, what's really the harm? You have the option to skip at the beginning of every month, therefore you do not pay anything. I just set myself a reminder to skip the month. If perhaps you forget, they let you purchase something from the website, they don't just take your money.

If you're wanting to sign up, use my personal link: 
click for link and you will get 50% off of your first item. 

Right now, there is a site wide, 50% BLACK FRIDAY sale going on and items are selling out fast!

Duplicate Sweatpants:

Click here for bedroom slippers by PJ Salvage (they are SO comfortable) 

I've already had a couple comments & DMs regarding my rug, so I'll link a couple similar. I bought this one at HomeGoods last year, and absolutely LOVE it. It feels so good on bare feet and vacuums easily. We paid a little over $300, but here are a few under that price range:
(really all depends on the size)

I'll have to come back and link these Just Fab items, once their site is back up. Their 50% off site wide sale literally broke the internet. See, I wasn't lying.

Update: Site is back up. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving with family, friends, your animals, etc. I'm just happy to have a nice little break from responsibilities, to be honest. 



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