Bachelorette Recap (Ep 3)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I'm a couple days late on my recap, but better late than never, right?! 
Tons of thoughts about Monday's episode! Also, as I was getting on to write this, I opened my browser and the first thing that came up on my home page for 'Trending' was "Bachelorette Contestant Convicted of Indecent Assault and Battery" - Take a wild guess who it was... LINCOLN (as if the dirt on him could get any worse!) If that aint the pot calling the kettle black, idk what is. Incase you're forgetting, Lincoln was the one that cried to Becca because Connor threw his picture in the pool during a raging tantrum. 

On to more important things, I think Colton did really well this episode. I just hope he is telling Becca the truth about his feelings for Tia, or lack there of. I'm beginning to have this weird feeling that he and Tia are going to meet up in Paradise and "fall in love" if that's the case, I feel really sorry for Becca (she's been shitted on enough). I think Becca is actually going to try and get over the fact that he and Tia dated and move on with starting a relationship with him. This makes me extremely happy because to be completely honest, he is the only eye candy on this season! 

Blake showed his jealous side. I thought it was quite frankly V unattractive. He knew what he was getting himself into coming on the show and competing with so many other guys for only one girl. I hope that he can focus more on building a relationship with Becca instead of whining to her about how he wants all the one-on-one's. 

There was something about Clay that I was growing to love. He is like the giant teddy bear boyfriend that everyone wants. It's a damn shame that he broke his wrist playing football with the guys, **aheeem, something he does for a living.. so crazy! I really hated to see him go and feel like he def. would have made it to one of the top guys. 

Jordan, I still can't even. But the way that David came for him was super annoying (nail polish and all). I couldn't take these guys a bit serious. For starters, David came in as a bird.. a damn bird, then he fell off a top bunk and almost bled to death. I'm over David. ABC couldn't have hyped up that scene any more than they did. I thought Jordan actually got ballsy and hit David in the face .. multiple times. I'm sure we all did. Thankfully that wasn't the case, but my eyes rolled all the way to the back when I found out the real reason for David being in the ICU. As far as Jordan goes, I feel he and his "image" and "professionalism" will be around for a couple more episodes, unfortunately. ABC loves their crazies and we all know that its all for show.

Until next week....


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