Baby Girl Nursery Inspo

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I've already purchased some of these items because I've kept it pretty gender neutral so far. I also want to be able to use most of what I buy for our next baby (boy or girl). I always wanted a cactus/boho theme for the nursery, so since finding out it's a girl, I've added pops of pink to the mix. I'm trying to keep the nursery as budget friendly as possible, because honestly, there's WAY more important things that baby is going to need besides a $50 fur pillow or $1,000 rug. 

Here's my vision board as far as theme and colors so far (links below): 

(or try your local nursery or farmers market, but I found mine at Lowe's)
7. Crib | 8. Rocker | 9. Rug

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