My Favorite Accessory (5 Reasons Why I Love my Wooden Watch)

Monday, September 17, 2018

It's that time again- to show off one of my favorite accessories, my JORD wooden watch. I did a post a while back on JORD's Frankie 35 wooden watch, you can read about it here. That watch is more of a natural wood color which I love, but I decided to go the modern route this time and got the Frankie Ebony & Gold. I've linked it here for you. 

5 reasons I love my JORD wooden watch:

1. The look of a wooden watch is so much more "timeless" than your regular plastic or metal watch. I love stainless steel, but I'd rather have it in my kitchen than on my arm! Wood never gets cold, it's not heavy and doesn't scratch.

2. JORD wooden watches can be personalized/engraved. With my first watch, I did not choose to have it engraved and immediately regretted it. This go round, I decided to have it engraved with my brand name, which means so much more to me! Not only is the watch engraved, but the box is also. 

3. They go with just about anything! Perfect for every occasion or season. Can't wait to wear this one all Fall long. Something about the wood and the smell of the watch that just puts you into the fall mood.

4. The way the watch sort of follows your lead. The links in the watch move with your arm motion, so you don't feel suffocated by it or that your wrist is limited to move in every day situations. I hate a watch that I'm constantly having to move up and down my arm throughout the day due to discomfort. If you know anything about me or my style at all then you know that I'm 100% team comfort. I will not wear anything that makes me feel uncomfortable, nor will I promote it. 

5. Splash proof - PSA, don't submerge your watch! But yes, JORD watches are splash proof, so you don't have to worry about rain, washing dishes, etc. just don't get in the shower or go swimming with it on. 


Last but not least, If you follow me on my social channels then you know that I'm giving away a $100 gift code to shop JORDs site! To enter, simply click this link and fill out your name and email address. One lucky winner will receive the gift code, but ALL entrants will receive a 10% off code once the contest is over. The contest ends September 23rd 2018 at 11:59pm. Once the contest is over, the winner will be emailed with their code!   



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