35 Week Bumpdate

Monday, October 29, 2018

Nesting, baby showers, anxious, trying to shove a ton of things into 5 more weeks.. I guess you could say I'm panicking a little. We actually now have less than 5 weeks and our last shower is this weekend. After the shower we plan on taking all of our gift cards and buying the rest of the things we need before baby's arrival. I'm so ready, but so nervous at the same time. Someone tell me this is normal. 

Cravings: Starbucks, sweet tea, milky ways, ranch dressing, captain crunch, chocolate in general. I think the amount of milky ways I've consumed over the past couple of weeks is a tad bit alarming. 

Baby has been kicking and moving pretty much all day, every day.. which is great but at the same time can be painful. It feels like she is running out of room. As of my last appointment, she is head down. I'm almost positive she's still head down considering I feel her hiccups every night and they're always down really low. I'm becoming really uncomfortable, and as much as it may seem like I'm complaining, I wouldn't change any of these discomforts for the world.

I still continue to feel like I'm running out of time. Travis recently cut back his hours at work so he can help me get prepared, which is nice. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought I had all this time to prepare.. ahh no worries, I have 8 months. Boy, did those 8 months fly by!! We pretty much have all of our bigger necessities like the rock n play, pack n play, swing, etc. but still need a lot of smaller things like lotions, creams, breast feeding things and so on. 

I know none of this will even matter once she is here, but I'm just going to blame my current stress on the heightened hormones. I heard they get CrAzY towards the end and it's definitely true. I keep finding myself not satisfied, it's the worst feeling ever. Not satisfied with the house, not satisfied with the progress of the dogs, but hopefully it'll all come together soon so that I can relax and ride these last weeks out with peace of mind. I only have 4 weeks left of work so that is most definitely something to look forward to. I think once I'm out of work, that'll take a lot off my shoulders. 

Lately I've been using my blog as somewhat of a pregnancy journal for myself. One day I want to look back at these and laugh at myself for ever freaking out like this, lol. I'm hoping this is all just a normal part of pregnancy. 

I've currently made a list for our hospital bag, and will be getting that together hopefully this week. Stay tuned for a post about that, as well as a baby gear post.



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