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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

O M G 

Once again, time has completely passed me by. I can not believe that we are coming up on the one year anniversary of Shopcatvonle! What an awesome ride this past year has been-- becoming a small business owner has truly blessed my life. Such an awkward time to celebrate, with the pandemic going on right now, but it just makes me grateful that the shop is still able to go on. I feel so badly for businesses who can't function right now, Travis's being one of those businesses. Travis opened his catering business in February and left his full time job as Head Chef. He was at a bistro that he had been working at for YEARS, so this was a huge leap of faith. The catering businesses has/had been a huge success until the coronavirus came around. With that being said, I can sympathise in that way. We are now a one income family until this mess subsides. 

Although, I wanted this post to be a sort of celebratory anny post for the shop, I also wanted to just quickly give an update on life. The pic below is pretty much my daily attire now, haha, so outfit posts have been few and far. I know that a lot of my readers and followers originally came here for that type of content alone, but I am very happy to have had you all stick around! As life changes, my content changes. Mom life, Shop life, and life in general has kept me extremely busy, but so thankful for that.

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We also feature some really cute #mommyandme onesies, tees and sweatshirts. 

Not a mama? No problem.. we also have a wide selection for all women. We have a growing wine glass collection,  fur/dog mom collection, and recently just added coffee mugs! 

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