Bachelorette Recap

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bachelor(ette) Mondays are back, which makes me extremely excited. After last season, I wasn't sure if I was going to boycott and quit watching forever (Thanks Arie! and btw, your mug shot photo on google images is classic) I'm glad I gave it another chance, though. I really only watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette so that I know who is who when Paradise comes around. If you've never seen Bachelor in Paradise, it's so much better than regular seasons of Bach & Bachelorette. 

Bachelor(ette) is so cheesy and cringe worthy that it's almost impossible for me not to watch. This season, I'm not finding anyone too easy on the eyes. I know that's EXTREMELY judgmental of me, but I know I'm not the only one thinking it.
Blake is super sweet, ok looking, I'm sure he will make it to final 2.
Colton, I was ROUTING for you, bro! Who knew he was a bachelor(ette) cast hopper?! *face palm*
Lincoln is a giant negative- she pushed back while kissing him which, I mean, Duh. Is he sweet? Yes. But, he is extremely weird to me and after some research, he apparently shits on floors (I'm not kidding).
Model boy AKA Jordan, just leave. 
Connor, giant douche. Wonder if he can redeem himself after that temper tantrum?

As of now, I'm team Colton- crossing my fingers he pulls through.
What about you? Who are you routing for?? Lemme' know.

Until next week...

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