Baby No. 2

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 We're having another BABY! Ahh.. 

I am currently 19 weeks, 3 days writing this, but it seems like I just found out yesterday. This pregnancy has flown by, as I knew it would. I've heard that from so many people. With Sawyer, I laid around, took cute photos, browsed on my phone all day. With this baby, I'm chasing around a two year old, with zero time to myself or to even think about the fact that I'm pregnant. Not gonna lie, sometimes I forget. 

I'll start from the beginning..
We took our last Summer vacation in August 2020, and I did not want to be pregnant on vacation, so we decided to start "trying" after vacation (I know that sounds inconsiderate now that I look back on it, but that was how I felt at the time). When I checked my ovulation app, I literally started ovulating the last day of our vacation so it worked out perfectly. I was so scared I'd have problems getting pregnant right away, just because I've already had a healthy pregnancy and baby on the first try, and I thought it'd be too good to be true for that to happen again. I've heard stories of women trying for years and and years, so I was preparing for this to take some time. Let me just say, my thoughts and prayers are with you ladies who are trying hard for your babe, truly. I hope that you are blessed very very soon.

Ovulation week for me was Aug 30th-Sept 5th 
I was due for my period Sept 15th
I'm such a psycho that I started testing on the 6th, lol (WAY TOO EARLY) and yes I tested every day after that. As you can see, I didn't get my first faint line until the 13th, and even then, it was very very faint. I stayed up late nights comparing my symptoms to my first pregnancy (I logged everything with Sawyer even before I knew I was pregnant) and just going back and forth with myself up until the 13th. I tell you what the 2 week wait is BRUTAL. Travis did not believe the faint lines meant positive, so he did not believe that I was pregnant until the digital read "Pregnant" days later. After that, he was like "Ok, this is really happening."

My advice if you are trying, is to get these little test strips to save money. I think I spent $15 on a pack of 100 strips. Even though I went through a bunch testing early, I still have a ton left over. I did not take the store bought tests until I started seeing faint lines. They are just as accurate as a store bought test, if not better.

 I logged everything at first to compare to the first pregnancy to "try" and determine gender on my own, haha. I was very wrong.

With Sawyer my boobs were tender right off, I didn't really feel that sick, just very tired. I craved sweets right off and most meats turned me away very early. 
With this babe, my boobs didn't start hurting until later on, I had no cravings, EVERYTHING made me sick. I never actually threw up, but came extremely close many many times. I had to wear these bands on my wrists, eat morning sickness lozenges, ginger ale.. I tried it all. I was sick all day long. My face broke out, but not as bad as it did with Sawyer. I've never been turned off by meats really during this pregnancy, but I absolutely could not drink coffee in the first trimester which made me so sad. Coffee in the mornings is my favorite, so I am very glad to have it back in the second trimester. All this to say that I was convinced I was having a boy. 

Because I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, I had to wait 5 more weeks to confirm pregnancy via an ultrasound. Talk about a LONG 5 weeks, and of course because of Covid, I’ve had to attend all of my appointments alone. I knew that before we even started trying that this next pregnancy would be entirely different due to the pandemic, so honestly I haven’t been affected by it emotionally. I’m just trying to stay in the house as much as possible, and limit the people I’m around. It hasn’t really been hard considering I work from home and am a homebody any way. I think the worst part of being pregnant during a pandemic will be not having my mom and sister in the delivery room this time. Sounds so bad, but Travis is ok with not attending appointments since he attended every single one with Sawyer 😂 he already knows how it all goes (look at baby no. 2 already getting the short end of the stick)

Moving on... 
around 13 weeks, I had the NIPT testing for gender and Down syndrome. By 14 weeks, I got the results back (checked my email every dang day). I opened my portal scrolled all the way to the bottom where it read “gender of fetus: female” and it immediately started crying.  I cried because I’m so happy for Sawyer to have a BFF for life. I know they will be the best sisters and friends, and have each other even after I’m long gone. That is what gives me
joy despite the fact that I was expecting to find out we were having a boy. Side note: Baby was low risk for any abnormalities that the NIPT tests for. 

Around 15 weeks, I went to a little 3D/4D clinic for fun, just because I knew I wouldn’t get another ultrasound until our anatomy scan at around 18 weeks. With Sawyer I got a 12 week scan, but with this babe and the new blood testing my doc offered, I was not able to get that same scan. This clinic was able to confirm that she is indeed a girl, and we got to see her waving and sucking her thumb. 

We had our anatomy scan the day before Christmas Eve, and Travis was able to attend this one. Baby wasn’t cooperating, so I’ll have to go back in about 3 weeks to check on her heart and spine (those were the two body parts that the tech couldn’t really evaluate like she wanted to). Because baby’s NIPT testing came back low risk, I’m not too worried. I did not do the spina bifida testing, so I’d really love to know that everything is ok with her spine as soon as possible. I’m sure she’s fine, but it’s a mama’s full time job to worry. Even if she were to have some sort of abnormality, it would never change our love for our girl.  

Right now, my main symptoms are just feeling heavy, peeing myself everytime I sneeze (lol), no heavy cravings just very hungry 24/7. Sleeping has become extremely uncomfortable already. My hips ache no matter which side I sleep on — I’m pretty much tossing and turning all night. I’ve had several spouts of heartburn which is pretty early on compared to last pregnancy, & I’d say my stomach is pretty huge compared to where I was at 19 weeks last time. 

For now, I’m just patiently waiting on that re scan and being thankful for this little bundle of joy. Will keep you all updated along the way! 

Xx, LeAnne 

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