Oh Baby!

Friday, May 14, 2021

It's almost baby time!

I wanted to share a healthy, fun subscription box that I came across recently that is super helpful for pregnancy and postpartum! 

Oh Baby Boxes is a subscription box that has over $100+ worth of mama goodies! Their boxes start at just $39.99! Each box is tailored to your specific due date and tested extensively for safety during pregnancy and beyond. 


I’ll show you everything I received in mine with links to each product. I love how they threw in a little something for Dad! 

Nursing salve from Modern Skyn Alchemy (can’t wait to try!) They use all natural oils and butters and I love supporting small business. 

AMNH Whipped body butter- looks and sounds magical! Organic, vegan, paraben, gluten and cruelty free. 

Ok, how stinkin’ cute are these salt and pepper shakers?

Papa hat for Dad! I love love love how they included dad in this box. 

Aynil co. socks that say push - I can’t wait to wear these. Stay tuned for a hospital picture once baby number 2 gets here! 

I will be using this right after birth. Sawyer left me with the worst bags and dark circles for at least a week. 

I think this is a great way to stay self aware and practice self love, especially for such a fragile time such as pregnancy or after birth. 

Handmade, free of skin irritant and allergens. I love the story behind their products! They began making skincare soaps, oils, etc. when they couldn't find an over the counter cure for their NICU babies skin conditions! So inspiring, and just goes to show how dedicated we can be as Mom's and Dad's to find relief for our babes. I can't wait to try!

All of this for only $39.99, click here to get your box!

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