Second Trimester w| Baby No 2

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

 Time is not on my side with this pregnancy .. or maybe it is. Depends on how you look at it. I am now into my third trimester as of last Sunday (I'm currently 28 weeks - 2 days), so I wanted to go ahead and get up my second trimester post! Time is flying, way too fast. I always heard that about the second pregnancy, and now I believe it. 

I got an extra anatomy scan due to the position of the baby during the first. You can read all about why in this post. Long story short, the baby was not cooperating, and the tech could not evaluate her heart and spine. All is well with baby, and she allowed us to see everything we needed to see the second time around. I can't lie, it was nice to have an extra ultrasound, but I was a little anxious waiting those couple of weeks in between. Tomorrow I go for my 28.5 appointment where they'll do the glucose test. A lot of people dread it, but honestly the worst part is the blood work (If you're not a fan of needles). I also have an appointment next week with a local 3D/4D place that will do ultrasounds for "fun". I had one done with Sawyer around 28 weeks, and had one done with this babe around 14 weeks (I think). It's just a good way to check in, and let me see the babe one final time before her arrival.

Not a ton has changed between the first trimester post, except for the huge belly and extra weight gain. I've gained 15 pounds so far and I believe with Sawyer, at this point, I had only gained around 10 or 11 pounds. This baby is also carrying a lot lower than Sawyer, so I'm experiencing a lot of discomfort, tailbone pain, back pain and hip pain. The heartburn hasn't been too bad, I haven't had to pop a tums or take anything so far in the second trimester so that's great! I believe with Sawyer, it was pretty unbearable at this point. 

Cravings - anything sweet, pastries, muffins, candy, sweet tea (praying I pass the glucose test lol)

Here are the things I haven't been able to live without in the second trimester: 

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